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Yin. Yang. We have complementary qualities. But we’re the same in one way – a passion for our product and always keeping it special.

You may think there’s a guy named John Kelly who started it all. A lot of people do.

But it’s actually two guys named John and Kelly.

John spent his pre-chocolate career working with luxury retailers and designers in Beverly Hills and New York. So he is uncompromising when it comes to quality and product integrity. He’s the one with the highly visual and creative eye, the one who is always thinking about innovative new products for John Kelly that still feel true to its core values.

Kelly came from a world of branding and advertising, managing worldwide campaigns while also indulging his creative side – whether it be cooking, writing or playing the piano. He knows how to bring creative solutions to the table, which he’s literally needed to do, ever since founding John Kelly. He’s the one who likes to find a way to bring an idea to life. And to make sure everyone knows about it.

We bring different personalities and different points of view to the company. But we’re united in our love of quality and creativity, and our passion to make John Kelly the best it can be.

We Think John Kelly Chocolates Are Made
To Be Shared. Don't You Agree?
We celebrate joie de vivre, unique life experiences, and we try hard to make everything we do worthy of that. We feel we are sharing something special with you when you try our chocolates, and we invite you to do the same with others.
From Humble Beginnings To A National Brand.
But We Never Forget What’s Really Important.
In 2004, we opened a small chocolate factory in Hollywood. All we had was determination and a recipe for an amazing, gourmet chocolate fudge. Now we are a national brand, but we still work hard every day to make products that are unique and special.

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