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We use several different varieties of chocolate, blending them as necessary so that each of our products has the best balance of sweet, rich flavor. We also add a coating of semi-sweet chocolate, which creates a complex and sophisticated taste.

Our semi-sweet chocolate has a cacao content of 53%, and our dark chocolate fudge has a cacao content of 86%. All of our ingredients are natural and premium quality.

Many of our popular flavors are topped with artisanal salts from around the world. When we sprinkle exotic salts on our chocolates, we think something magical happens – sweet combines with savory, and flavors become more intense. Try it and you’ll see.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate with and without Walnuts

We call our original semi-sweet truffle fudge “classic,” although there's nothing traditional about it. Uniquely rich and velvety, it provides intense chocolate flavor. Offered with and without walnuts, our classic truffle fudge is enveloped in a firm, semi-sweet chocolate shell, which serves to enhance the luxurious, pure chocolate experience. A mainstay for the true chocolate lover, our Classic Truffle Fudge will make every day feel special.

Dark Chocolate with and without Walnuts

This is for the chocolate devotee who craves the bold, bittersweet taste that can only come from a darker, richer chocolate. Offered with and without walnuts, our dark chocolate truffle fudge is enveloped in a semi-sweet chocolate coating, providing a full-bodied chocolate experience with a lingering silky-sweet finish.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Caramel with Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt

This is a rich and creamy layer of all-natural artisan caramel atop our signature semi-sweet truffle fudge, along with our semi-sweet chocolate coating. The bites are topped with a pinch of Hawaiian Alaea sea salt, which has an unexpected reddish hue and a crisp texture.

Dark Chocolate with French Grey Sea Salt

This flavor starts as our award-winning dark chocolate truffle fudge, along with a rich chocolate coating. It is then topped with a pinch of French Sel Gris de Guérande sea salt, imported from Brittany. The bittersweet chocolate combined with the salt creates an unimaginably rich blend of flavors.

Dark Chocolate Espresso

This is a perfect marriage of our award-winning dark chocolate truffle fudge and the rich, slightly bitter taste of espresso. Coffee lovers will simply not believe the incredible mix of flavors that arise when these two classics are combined.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Peanut Butter

First we make peanut butter fudge with all-natural peanut butter – and white chocolate, for added creaminess – and then we layer it on top of our classic semi-sweet chocolate truffle fudge. We then cover it all in a chocolate coating, a perfect balance. Lovers of this classic combination won’t be disappointed.

Peanut Butter with Himalayan Pink Salt

We start with all-natural peanut butter fudge, with the “secret ingredient” of white chocolate to maintain a sublime creaminess, and then we coat each silky bar with high-quality Belgian chocolate. The entire piece is topped off with exotic pink salt from the foothills of the Himalayas, lending both a beautiful presentation and a wonderful flavor enhancement.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Caramel with Walnuts

A rich, luxurious artisan caramel is layered atop our classic semi-sweet truffle fudge, creating an incredible melt-in-your-mouth experience, infused with deep, brown sugar top-notes. The generous amount of walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate coating on our Caramel Truffle Fudge add an interesting texture to this decidedly decadent indulgence.

Dark Chocolate with Chipotle & Ancho Chile

Sophisticated palates love to try different chocolate flavor combinations, and the smokiness of chipotle is one that many people already consider a contemporary classic. The infusion of a mild, smoky chipotle heat that warms the back of the palate, balanced with the sweetness of ancho chile, is a unique and delicious pairing. Both are blended into our signature dark chocolate truffle fudge for a chocolate taste sensation that is wonderfully complex.

Dark Chocolate with Habanero & Jalapeño Chile

Spicy chocolate is quite popular, but our version of intense habanero heat combined with spicy jalapeño is not quite like anything you’ve ever tried. When it’s blended with our award-winning dark chocolate truffle fudge, the result is a delayed reaction of heat that literally bursts with flavor, taking chocolate to places it’s never been before.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mint

Delightfully aromatic, a burst of peppermint flavor mingles with our classic truffle fudge and contrasting semi-sweet chocolate coating to create a bright, refreshing taste that mint lovers will adore. After dinner, before dinner or in between, it is bound to lift your spirits and delight your palate.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Orange

Something wonderful happens when orange and chocolate come together. A lingering orange aroma enhances the delicate balance between a fruity, somewhat tart citrus flavor and the robust chocolate flavor of our classic truffle fudge. The firm, semi-sweet chocolate coating adds interest, as well as a slightly sweet flavor note. Simply delightful.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Raspberry

It’s no wonder that raspberry and chocolate have become a favored pairing in gourmet desserts. A fantastic raspberry aroma and powerful burst of fresh berry flavor mingle with the more substantial flavor notes of our classic truffle fudge, creating a lovely fruity/sweet combination.

White Chocolate Vanilla with and without Walnuts

A touch of the exotic is captured in this velvety, white chocolate fudge, enveloped in a semi-sweet chocolate shell. Offered with and without walnuts, it is a luxurious blend of rich white chocolate that is not too sweet, and fragrant, all-natural vanilla extract. A sensuous chocolate experience.

Walnut Caramel Clusters

These clusters offer a unique mix of artisan caramel, high-quality chocolate, walnuts and a sprinkling of exotic salt from the Mediterranean Sea. The unique combination of ingredients provides a sweet and savory blend of incredible flavor.