2 Piece Signature Handcrafted Walnut Chocolate Collection


Two popular flavors of truffle fudge in our exclusive signature gift box, perfect to share or as an extra-special party favor. Both with walnuts – Semi-Sweet and Dark Chocolate.


What's Inside
For the chocolate devotee who craves the bold, bittersweet taste that can only come from a darker, richer chocolate combined with walnuts. Our dark chocolate truffle fudge is enveloped in a semi-sweet chocolate coating, providing a full-bodied chocolate experience with a lingering silky-sweet finish.
Dark Chocolate with Walnuts
1 Piece
We call our original semi-sweet truffle fudge “classic,” although there's nothing traditional about it. Uniquely rich and velvety, it provides intense chocolate flavor. Enveloped in a firm, semi-sweet chocolate shell, it's also chock-full of crunchy walnuts.
Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Walnuts
1 Piece

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When You're Ready For Some Serious Truffle Fudge.
Our 8oz boxes are a marvelous chunk of chocolate-coated truffle fudge, perfect for families, parties or slicing a piece all for yourself.