Small Truffle Fudge Bites Gift Tower


Three of our most popular salted chocolate boxes, tied together beautifully with our signature John Kelly satin ribbon. 6 pieces total. Includes:
2pc Dark Chocolate with French Grey Sea Salt Box
2pc Chocolate & Caramel with Red Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt Box
2pc Walnut Caramel Cluster Box


What's Inside
This flavor starts as our award-winning dark chocolate truffle fudge, along with a rich chocolate coating. It is then topped with a pinch of French Sel Gris de Guérande sea salt, imported from Brittany. The bittersweet chocolate combined with the salt creates an unimaginably rich blend of flavors.
Dark Chocolate with French Grey Sea Salt
2 Pieces
This is a rich and creamy layer of all-natural artisan caramel atop our signature semi-sweet truffle fudge, along with our semi-sweet chocolate coating. The bites are topped with a pinch of Hawaiian Alaea sea salt, which has an unexpected reddish hue and a crisp texture.
Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Caramel with Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt
2 Pieces
A ball of buttery caramel with walnuts, enveloped in a delicious chocolate shell and topped with Mediterranean sea salt. What could be better?
Walnut Caramel Cluster with Mediterranean Sea Salt
2 Pieces

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