Party Favors

You’re throwing a party. How to make it more fun, more special, more delicious? We suggest an individual favor for each guest. You also have many colors of ribbon to choose from. These boxes are small, but (as you’ll see), the impact is huge.


Hands are surrounding a delicious plate of chocolates. Some of the hands are holding a piece.

We Think John Kelly Chocolates Are Made
To Be Shared. Don't You Agree?

We celebrate joie de vivre, unique life experiences, and we try hard to make everything we do worthy of that. We feel we are sharing something special with you when you try our chocolates, and we invite you to do the same with others.
Cut chocolate on a white plate. some chocolate sits in white bowls too.

Truffle Fudge: Think Ganache Coated In Chocolate, But With A Unique Twist.

What is truffle fudge? It’s something completely different. It has a silky chocolate center with the consistency of ganache, as well as a chocolate coating, and you may think it’s a truffle. But it’s not. It’s actually fudge, just not like any fudge you’ve tasted before.