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Various salts, spices, and nuts sit in white bowls. One of the bowls looks empty but containers a mortar and pestle.


Our Product Lines

Our signature product is called Truffle Fudge, and the name says it all: it combines the creaminess of a chocolate truffle with the intense flavor of rich fudge. Each piece has a silky center similar to the consistency of ganache, which is then coated with luscious semi-sweet chocolate. Truffle fudge comes in 17 different flavors, and some of the most popular are topped with exotic salts.

Another popular product is our Walnut Caramel Cluster, a ball of buttery caramel hand-rolled with walnuts, coated in chocolate and topped with sea salt.

We also make molded products, such as caramel-filled chocolate butterflies, and seasonal molded products such as bunnies and day of the dead skulls.

Salted caramels are extremely popular these days, and we have two wonderful varieties, chewy caramel coated in chocolate with either Fleur de Sel or Applewood Smoked Salt on top.

We also offer a select line of chocolate-dipped fruit and cookies, using high-quality Belgian semi-sweet chocolate – not a waxy inexpensive chocolate – as the perfect complement to delicious dried figs and apricots.

Our Packaging

All of these products are packaged in order to make a great impression and be worthy of the deliciousness contained within. Our Signature Handcrafted Chocolate Collections, for example, are gorgeous boxes filled with rich truffle fudge, caramel clusters, and sweet and savory flavors. These assortments are the perfect gift, sure to thrill anyone lucky enough to receive them. These boxes are also available as custom assortments for you to place your favorites.

Don’t Forget About Snacks

Lastly, we have a few products that are packaged especially for snacking on the go. When you need a quick chocolate fix, we have a nice array of options.

Milk Chocolate Almonds
Dark Chocolate Almonds
Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Almonds
Chocolate-Coated Espresso Beans
Dark Chocolate Cashews with Sea Salt

Nutrition & Ingredient Information 

If you would like nutrition or ingredient information for a specific product, please call us at (800) 609-4243, or email us at


Various salts, spices, and nuts in white bowls.
We Combine The Best Ingredients
To Ensure You Get The Best Chocolate Experience
It’s an alchemy that happens almost like magic, due to our proprietary recipe and our special way of bringing everything together. And it makes for a truly unique taste experience. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to give it a try?
Fruit on a plate.
So Many Flavors To Try, So Many Tastes To Explore.
Isn't That Part Of The Fun?
We make truffle fudge based on semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter. Beyond that, you can let your imagination soar. From mint to espresso, spicy to salty, walnuts to almonds, we have something for everyone.

John Kelly Gifts
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Our signature boxes are outstanding collections of
our most popular flavors in a beautiful gift box.

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