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Various salts and nuts in white bowls. Some of the bowls have silver spoons in them.

Kosher Information

All of our products are kosher certified (dairy) through Kosher Supervision of America (KSA). KSA is the largest recognized and accepted Orthodox kosher certification agency based in the western US. Our products are not certified for Passover use.

We’re happy to provide this service to our valued customers who follow kosher guidelines, and copies of our certificates are always available upon request.


A photo of salt being meticulously applied to a piece of John Kelly Chocolate.
Our Products Are Hand-Made With Great
Attention To Detail
Our specialty is exceptionally delicious chocolates. We use all-natural, premium quality ingredients, and make everything in small batches. But it’s really the level of detail and hand craftsmanship brought to every single piece that makes the difference.
Various salts, spices, and nuts in white bowls.
We Combine The Best Ingredients
To Ensure You Get The Best Chocolate Experience
It’s an alchemy that happens almost like magic, due to our proprietary recipe and our special way of bringing everything together. And it makes for a truly unique taste experience. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to give it a try?

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