For Him

There are lots of choices out there. We make it a bit easier by showing
you some of our most popular items for guys.

Maybe it’s for a snack, or maybe it’s a special gift. You’ll find it here.

2 Piece Dark Chocolate with Chipotle & Habanero
2 Piece Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Coconut
4 Piece Dark Chocolate with French Grey Sea Salt
4 Piece Peanut Butter with Himalayan Pink Salt
4 Piece Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Caramel w/Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt
4 Piece Walnut Caramel Cluster with Mediterranean Sea Salt
8 Piece Salted Chocolate Combo Box
8 Piece Signature Handcrafted Chocolate Collection
Cherries Open Circle Container
Chocolate Coated Cherries
Dark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Bar with Fleur de Sel
Dark Chocolate Bar with Habanero & Jalapeño
Dark Chocolate Bar with Roasted Almonds & Pink Himalayan Salt
Dark Chocolate Bark with Orange, Cranberries and Roasted Almonds
Dark Almond Open Circle Container
Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds
Dark Cashew Open Circle Container
Dark Chocolate Coated Cashews With Sea Salt
Espresso Bean Open Circle Container
Dark Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans
Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar
Dark 8oz with stretch
Dark Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bar
Dark walnuts 8oz with stretch
Dark Chocolate with Walnuts Truffle Fudge Bar
Milk Chocolate Bar
Milk Chocolate Bar Roasted Almonds & French Grey Sea Salt
Milk Chocolate Bar with Roasted Hazelnuts & Mediterranean Salt
Milk Chocolate Bark with Caramel, Roasted Almonds and Pecans
Milk Almond Open Circle Container
Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds
Peanut Butter 8oz with stretch
Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Peanut Butter Truffle Fudge Bar
Chocolate 8oz with stretch
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bar
Chocolate Walnuts 8oz with stretch
Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Walnuts Truffle Fudge Bar
Signature Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Box
SF Dark ALmond Open Circle Container
Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds
SF MIlk Almond Open Circle Container
Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds
2 oz Bar with gold lid open
Two Truffle Fudge Bars, Signature Handcrafted Chocolate Collection

Our Products Are Hand-Made With Great
Attention To Detail
Our specialty is exceptionally delicious chocolates. We use all-natural, premium quality ingredients, and make everything in small batches. But it’s really the level of detail and hand craftsmanship brought to every single piece that makes the difference.
From Humble Beginnings To A National Brand.
But We Never Forget What’s Really Important.
In 2004, we opened a small chocolate factory in Hollywood. All we had was determination and a recipe for an amazing, gourmet chocolate fudge. Now we are a national brand, but we still work hard every day to make products that are unique and special.