2 Piece Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Raspberry & Orange


This pairs our two popular fruit flavored truffle fudge bars in a beautifully illustrated box that’s perfect for gifting, sharing – or indulging. One bar of zesty orange and chocolate, and one bar of sweet chocolate raspberry. Delicious.


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What's Inside

It’s no wonder that raspberry and chocolate are a favored pairing in gourmet desserts. A fantastic raspberry aroma and powerful burst of fresh berry flavor mingle with the more substantial flavor notes of our classic truffle fudge, creating a lovely fruity/sweet combination.
Whats inside
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Raspberry
1 Piece
Something wonderful happens when orange and chocolate come together. A lingering orange aroma enhances the delicate balance between a fruity, somewhat tart citrus flavor and the robust chocolate flavor of our classic truffle fudge. The firm, semi-sweet chocolate coating adds interest, as well as a slightly sweet flavor note. Simply delightful.
Whats inside
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Orange
1 Piece

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