2 Piece Dark Chocolate with Chipotle & Habanero


Our spicy chile and chocolate flavors combine the right amount of heat with our special dark chocolate truffle fudge. This box has one bar of habanero and jalapeño, and one bar of chipotle and ancho, in a striking illustrated box.


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What's Inside

Many people consider the smoky flavor of chipotle a contemporary classic. The infusion of a mild heat that warms the back of the palate, balanced with the sweetness of ancho chile, is a unique and delicious pairing. Both are blended into our signature dark chocolate truffle fudge.
Whats inside
Dark Chocolate with Chipotle & Ancho Chile
1 Piece
Spicy chocolate is quite popular, but our version of intense habanero heat combined with spicy jalapeño is not like anything you’ve ever tried. When it’s blended with dark chocolate truffle fudge, the result is a delayed reaction of heat that literally bursts with flavor, taking chocolate to places it’s never been.
Whats inside
Dark Chocolate with Habanero & Jalapeño Chile
1 Piece

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